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Benefits of Black Soap


Generally, in African culture, skin care is food and food is skin care.  In the rural areas, everything needed to sustain life is gathered from the land and harvested naturally using techniques that do not alter, harm nor destroy nature. Our techniques of creating skin care are so natural that it is food grade. However, even though it is safe to eat - we do not recommend eating black soap. As ash is not a  food in any country.

The Real Deal

Not sure if you have the “real deal”?  One rule of thumb to look for: authentic African Black Soap should look brown, not black.

How To Use

Apply the soap either directly to the skin surface or onto a damp African Net Body Scrubber  (click Link) and lather up! Be sure to rub in circular motions.  African Black soap can also be used as shampoo, dish washing detergent, or facial cleanser and so much more.   Avoid getting the soap in your eye and sensitive areas. Be sure not to leave the soap on too long as it may begin to sting - yes, you can feel the disinfecting!  African black soap is known for having skin nourishing benefits due to an abundance of antioxidants. We add wild northern honey to soften the skin, and shea butter as extra moisturizer, which makes our soap less drying than other black soaps.

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