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W​hy A Taste of Africa Market Place?

We offer an informative website that educates while you shop. Learn the history, enlightening benefits and the proper way to use your products.

Join our TOA Queens Reward Program and receive a 5% discount on your order. Receive alerts on new product arrivals. Network with a circle of sisters and share Beauty Tips, Recipes and Testimonies on how well TOA (Taste of Africa) products has bless you.

Our premium and edible body care is sourced in the Wilds of Ghana. Our products are always raw and unrefined producing the highest quality skin care essentials - NO additives, preservatives, toxins, chemicals or anything that was not created by God. Our products are produced from natural plants such as Aloe Vera, Cocoa, coconuts etc.

We take great pride in our packaging. Our Food products are sold in glass jars, which reduces the risk of potentially harmful chemicals. Due to shipping and transportation, it is cost efficient to ship our larger bulk items in plastic jars. We recommend recycling the smaller glass jar and using larger item for refills. (Our plastic jars are BPA-Free).

Our products are FDA approved. The ministry of Health of Ghana, FDA- (Food Drug Administration) has approved the Skin Gourmet product line ensuing certain manufacturing standard and the products are produced in a safe and sanitary environment. (Click here to learn more about Ghana’s FDA).

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